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The Answers You Need

How would I know if my property would work for a billboard?

One simple call to us is all it takes! We will research your property making sure that it is eligible according to local, city, and state ordinances. We also will determine the advertising potential by looking at the amount of traffic, size availability, overall visibility, and the market for your area.

What are my options if my property is eligible?

We offer two options if your property is eligible for a billboard. One option is a land lease option, where we offer to pay you, the landowner, a yearly, bi-yearly or monthly "lease" for the use of your property. The length and terms of the land lease are negotiable. The second option is a land easement. In this option Graham Outdoor will pay an large upfront payment for the right to place the sign on the property indefinitely.

What are the benefits of having a structure placed on my property?

There are several benefits of having an outdoor advertising structure (billboard) placed on your property. The structure will add value to your property in the event of a sale or condemnation. It provides additional income to cover current overhead expenses, property taxes, or just future savings. The structure utilizes minimal ground space, (about the size of an big truck tire), without ever disrupting the property's primary use!

Landowners: FAQ
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